Our language in written form is beautiful and illustrative in and of it self. However the love of type alone is is not enough, as a designer you need to have an intimate understanding of what type is, what it’s working parts are, and proper usage. Also the ability to manipulate type and even design new type is critical to conveying a message to the right audience!

As a design professional it is my responsibility to know when and where to implement, design and develop, “New Age Media” marketing techniques for the client. The ability to both design and develop stand alone websites in an ever changing and continuously evolving era in technology is instrumental to the success or failure of business.

Our goal is to create successful marketing solutions that grab your client’s interest and make them want more! O.K your saying, right? How? Through the implementation of a well thought out design strategy, based around the needs of your business and your perspective buyers, consumers or clients via print marketing, web presence, SEO (search engine optimization) unique branding or demographic targeting. A good print design or web design will only go as far as the plan to get it out there. Our team at typoglyphic studios has over 10 years of branding and logo design experience, over 10 years of experience in print marketing and direct mailing services. We have over 5 years of web design and development success and we can help you create the same success for your business.


  1. Design & Build exceptional and effective digital campaigns.

  2. Always put the user first.

  3. Design with ROI and Conversion in mind.

  4. Help our clients connect with their audience.

  5. Increase engagement.


Between all of us at Typoglyphic Studios we have over 24 years of experience building and manageing extrodinary marketing campaigns and materials.

Web design - 7 years
Web development - 7 years
Marketing & PR - 5 years
Bryan Bielefeldt

Founder, Principal

Gerrianne Bielefeldt

Founder, CFO