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Designing and building a website is one thing, making an impact on your customers & consumers is another. Impact Is Everything.

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Support & Maintenance

After the work is done and you would rather have someone maintain it we can help. Providing content changes, user support or regular maintenance.

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Get Found

The way your customers finds you is obviously important. Reliable SEO and Google AdWords are a fluency here. Get Clicking!


Fit The Build

Assessing the need and providing a plan of action that accomplishes the goal is whats important. We wont give you a Pinto if your looking for a Cadillac.

How We Work

Our Objective

Our objective is to create a unified experience that captivates your customers. We want them to love your brand and become die hard advocates for your products and services. We cam accomplish this in a few ways…
  • A single experience across all devices

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Sound development practices

  • User experience monitoring

  • Print to digital campaigns

  • Realtime Google Earth tracking

  • Social engagement strategy

  • Unique and customized Quoting

Lets Talk

  • The Inn at Villa Bianca

    Build project using WordPress, HTML, CSS/3 Javascript and jQuery

  • Smart Start Education

    WordPress Build project using HTML, CSS/3 Javascript and jQuery

  • Rooftop120

    Build project using WordPress, HTML, CSS/3 Javascript and jQuery

  • Response Marketing

    Build project using WordPress, HTML, CSS/3 Javascript and jQuery

  • NETGEAR Live Streaming Microsite

    Build project using HTML, CSS/3 Javascript and jQuery

  • Letters By Santa’s Workshop

    WordPress Build project using HTML, CSS/3 Javascript and jQuery

Our Skills & Services

Here is a quick break down of our work. It will give you an Idea of what other clients are assigning to us.

Web design 80%
Web Development 90%
Support And Maintenance 50%
Consulting 55%

In web design, it is not just a pretty picture or correctly aligned text that make up a good design. At typoglyphic studios we focus on great creative and great user experience. We will not sacrifice one for the other. Our clients depend on us to give them a design that fits their aesthetic and their persona. Our desire to fit the client wants is just the beginning, we then have to mesh that with the needs likes and dislikes of their target consumer or clients.

It is up to us to get it right and make sure the design inspires conversion!

We are a LAMP shop, we focus on open source development and leverage the best practices of the industry. We love WordPress as well as custom Linux Solutions. Here are some of our strong points.

  • HTML/5, CSS/3

  • JavaScript & jQuery

  • Cross Browser Compatibility to IE8

  • Fully Fluid Responsive Builds

  • PHP as a server-side language

  • MySql, Mongo & Redis

  • Theme & plugin development

  • Custom web application development

Utilizing Platform campaign tools we have successfully implimented many paid search campaigns with Google AdWords, Facebook adds, Promoted tweets as well and targeted platform campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization is a hard one for most people to wrap their heads around completely, its not just keywords and meta. We have experience writing, altering and maintaining keyword rich copy for the web as well as advanced development techniques for adhering the the guidelines of our friendly neighbors the Search Engines.

It is important to understand the dos and don’ts of SEO as a slip up could really hurt your bottom line.

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